1 viable item left on my list to do

Check item #7! (“Do some further work on TDO Mini-Forms”) Of course I could continue at full steam with it but I decided to slow down. Work will continue, just not as time-consuming.

Also item #6 (“Try again to get a gaming group together”) occurred without any prompting from me. I was doing some work on our roleplaying group website (moving it to a different address) and the players started to trying to figure out when they can all play next. However, it might not be until July! :( Must bug them again.

As for item #5 (“Move Hosts for thedeadone.net”) will occur when I make enough money from donations for TDO Mini Forms. I’m already half way there for a 1 year hosting planning… :)

Item #9 (“Upgrade and package the current thedeadone.net theme”) won’t happen. It’s been a maybe, but I just can’t muster the energy to do it. I think it really depends on finding a new host for thedeadone.net and getting all that up and running. Then I can think of getting a new theme and closing off the current one.

Which nicely leaves me with only one item left: item #8 (“Write-up and make available some RPG rules I created a long time back: Story Hooks and Passions”). While I think the two systems; Story Hooks and Passion, have since been done much better by Fate’s Aspects, Riddle of Steel’s Spirit Attributes and Shadow of Yesterday’s Keys, I think it’s still worth while closing them off. I did create and use them before I discovered these other systems and they are different and I hope to actually use them in my LH project. They certainly won’t be as long as TDO Fudge Combat v0.1 (short version available here) but they will probably garner about the same level of interest (which is about zero or so).

  1. Upgrade and add some features to TDO-Forum for WP2.5
  2. Test and Upgrade the Theme I’m currently using for WP2.5
  3. Create a merge of TDO-Forum and my current custom Theme (for the forums) (maybe)
  4. Update thedeadone.net to WordPress 2.5
  5. Move Hosts for thedeadone.net (maybe)
  6. Try again to get a gaming group together
  7. Do some further work on TDO Mini-Forms (AJAX, Form Hacker, find some way to get rid of the dependency on $_SESSION – I’m a little tired trying to sort out people’s host problems, there is only so much I can do, etc)
  8. Write-up and make available some RPG rules I created a long time back: Story Hooks and Passions
  9. Upgrade and package the current thedeadone.net theme (maybe)

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