Dubliners and “Blow-ins”

Being a proud Redbrick member, I keep up to date on all the Redbrick blogs on Planet Redbrick. Last week I saw this post by lickylip. I thought I’d highlight it a bit by posting about it here.

He’s recently married and living in their most-of-the-time quiet estate. Then you have a few of the local kids who decide to throw eggs and stones at their house and burn out their car when they go on holidays! Feckers. The Gardai are powerless of course and there isn’t much recourse fro them.

I really feel for them, because we’ve just moved recently and even though we’ve been here a few weeks, we don’t really know anyone yet. I don’t know what we’d do if we became victimised in the same manner because we’re both exhausted from moving again and wouldn’t like to think about the safety of our two year old daughter.

I didn’t think Dublin was still so bitter about “blow-ins”. I mean, I’ve moved house/apartment three times now, from City Centre to Kildare and now to Wicklow, and we’ve always found the locals fine. It’s nearly a necessity in Dublin these days that people are forced to move where they can afford.

While I completely dislike the idea of ASBOs, I guess they were designed to try and tackle the situation faced by lickylip.

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