$29.99 does not equal €29.99, Steam

That’s disappointing.

I’m not a big computer gamer but when I heard news of Felicia Day doing a new web series based on Dragon Age (I’m fan of theguild webseries), I thought I might check this Dragon Age RPG out on my new shiny Windows 7 laptop. It sounds like a game I might like.

First obstacle is that there was no demo of Dragon Age: Origins available, so I couldn’t check if it played well on my laptop (though I did read of problems with DA on Windows 7 during my googling). This is pretty much a blocker for me. Not having played much of the new RPGs on PCs, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it, and I wasn’t about to fork out on a game that wasn’t sure would even play.

But then I figured, may be it’s quite cheap now with the sequel coming out shortly. If it’s cheap enough then I won’t be annoyed if it doesn’t play well or I don’t like it. So I thought I checked Steam. I don’t use Steam, but I’ve heard so much good about it from other sources (like reddit.com) and even my wife uses Steam (she bought the latest Civ game from them), I figured it’d be a good place to get it. I’m not bothered about owning manuals or having a physical DVD.

When I checked in work the price quoted on Steam was in dollars: $29.99. That’s not bad. Converting it to Euros, that’s about €22, which is reasonable. I’d rather it was under the €20 for me to justify the purchase.


I couldn’t find a way to tell the website to show me the prices in Euros, so part of me wondered if it would be even slightly cheaper if bought in Euros, you know rounded down to €20 (unlikely, but I was hopefully) or there might be some Euro-specific offers (I’m guessing not). So I got home and installed the desktop client, went to the store and looked up Dragon Age: Origins, in Euros.


It’s €29.99. It costs €7 more, just to buy it in Euros (in US dollars that’s $40.55). Really? It looks like they just took the US dollar price and stuck a € at the end (and apparently subsequent googling revealed I’m not the only one to notice this). Steam has just lost a new customer, because now if I happen to look at game price on Steam, I have to wonder if I’m not paying more, just because I’m paying Euro.

And not only that, I’ve since discovered: You can buy it on Amazon.co.uk for £9.20, which converts to about €11, not including delivery charges. So I would have to wait a few days to get it, but for a saving of around €15, that’s really a no-brainer in terms of cost.

So did I buy it? Nope. The lack of a demo means I’m not sure I’d like it or can play it on my hardware and it’s not cheap enough nor convenient enough to buy it on the off-chance I may like it.

(I used XE as my currency converter for this blog post)

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