A free roleplaying game: Lost Heroes is available online right now

Front cover of Lost Heroes RPG: Book of the Gods (v0.19)The big creative project I’ve been chipping away on for ages is finally online (though so much left to do). I chucked it up last night after (literally) months of procrastinating. It’s a roleplaying game, intended for pen and paper, though what I’ve put online is only the setting which is feck’in huge. Mostly because I’ve spent time doing a lot of reading of mythology for it.

It’s called Lost Heroes and I’ve talked about it a few times here. It’s going to be a fudge based game (Fudge was what FATE was originally based on). The setting itself is the modern day, except the “ancient” gods and pantheons didn’t go away. (I put ancient in quotes, only because some of these pantheons still, or now have resurrected, active religions). It includes Angels and Demons, the Norse Gods Aesir (Odin, Loki, Thor and so on and not the DC’s superhero Thor character, which is such a deviation from the original mythology), Celtic Gods (Lugh, Donn, Morrigan, etc.) and Greek Gods of Olympus (probably my favourite). Anyway you can go download it right now and read it for yourself. It’s certainly still needs work, but I am proud of it.

Now though I’m unsure what the next steps are. I’m currently still researching the system though I do have an older draft of it and tons of notes and ideas. But what do I do with what I have put online? (Suggestions on a postcard, or, you know, just comment below). I’ll probably submit it to a few choice communities but I don’t want to spam it around too much.

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