A new version of TDO Mini Forms is released: 0.13.6

It’s been a while since the previous release and each release seems to take longer and longer before it’s ready, but it was officially released on WordPress.org Extend yesterday, so you should be able to automatically update today.

The big change in this release is that you can now created Edit forms that allow you to modify Custom Fields as text areas, fields, checkbox or a select list. It took a while to do because I had to refactor the Custom Field widget into the new class I designed for widgets. The power of this feature should be obvious for any sort of CMS style use of WordPress as Custom Fields are incredible powerful. The plugin also keeps a history of Custom Field changes made using the plugin and you can compare between versions, something WordPress doesn’t do itself. So you can rollback edits as required (and also moderate incoming edits).

I also refactored out all the individual field types so that fixes and features for text areas, for example, can be shared among all widgets. For a start, text fields can be used to take an email, a url or a number. I haven’t gotten around to a date/time combination yet, but it’s certainly possible.

I’ve also integrated some code improvements and hope to continue to try and improve the code base into the future. I’ve improved the AJAX code that is used for forms, hopefully preventing people from double posts (a problem that has cropped up a lot recently for people posting to the forum). The plugin also only loads the admin pages and functions only if someone with admin rights is logged in.

You can check the changelog for a full list of changes (though some minor improvements seemed to have not gotten onto the list, sorry about that).

Again, and it seems to be a recurring thing, I have to apologies that I haven’t got through to every support request on the forum. I do my best, but I really only have a few hours a week to work on TDO Mini Forms and my time gets divided then between actually implementing features or improvements or going through the forum (and I often side on working with the code instead). I know people have offered to pay for improvements, but I cannot currently commit to deadlines as I’m working a full time job at the same time.

Please keep in mind that this plugin is free and any support I do manage to provide is also free. If you found it useful you can show your appreciation via a small donation or buying me a book!

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