Check Item #1… 7 more to go…

Item one complete. You can grab a copy of the latest TDO-Forum v0.3 here. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.5 and all that. Enjoy.

  1. Upgrade and add some features to TDO-Forum for WP2.5
  2. Test and Upgrade the Theme I’m currently using for WP2.5
  3. Create a merge of TDO-Forum and my current custom Theme (for the forums)
  4. Update to WordPress 2.5
  5. Move Hosts (maybe)
  6. Try again to get a gaming group together
  7. Do some further work on TDO Mini-Forms (AJAX, Form Hacker, find some way to get rid of the dependency on $_SESSION – I’m a little tired trying to sort out people’s host problems, there is only so much I can do, etc)
  8. Write-up and make available some RPG rules I created a long time back: Story Hooks and Passions

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