Check Item #2 and 4… about 6 more to go…

Okay, so I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Not as easy as I thought.

I also had to patch WP 2.5 to work on Redbrick as several features don’t work out the box and it’s still messy if your using a virtual host (like me).

The livejournal-crossposter and Slave Me 2 WordPress plugins both break in WordPress 2.5. I’ve updated Slave Me 2 WordPress to work in WP2.5 as from the website for it, looks like there is zero activity. So that’s now working. However the livejournal-crossposter is dead, so no LJ for me until I fix it (again the current website for the plugin has zero activity).

Most of the other plugins seem okay. I have to update NextGen but I need to patch the version I’m currently using (like I have to patch WordPress) so I haven’t done it yet. (I do like the automated plugin updates).

All of this cutting into actual time in work, so not good again. But now I’m all WP2.5! :) I have to tidy up and delete all my WP2.3.x dev and test installs now too to really cross out that item, but who’s going to quibble with me?

Of course, I may not do item 3 at all and I’ve added a new wishful-item 10, more of a way of prep-ing to change the theme of my blog.

If you see any problems with the site, after the upgrade, do tell! :)

  1. Upgrade and add some features to TDO-Forum for WP2.5
  2. Test and Upgrade the Theme I’m currently using for WP2.5
  3. Create a merge of TDO-Forum and my current custom Theme (for the forums)
  4. Update to WordPress 2.5
  5. Move Hosts (maybe)
  6. Try again to get a gaming group together
  7. Do some further work on TDO Mini-Forms (AJAX, Form Hacker, find some way to get rid of the dependency on $_SESSION – I’m a little tired trying to sort out people’s host problems, there is only so much I can do, etc)
  8. Write-up and make available some RPG rules I created a long time back: Story Hooks and Passions
  9. Upgrade and package the current theme (maybe)

Update: NextGen updated and I think I may have got livejournal-crossposter now too. Let’s see.

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