Dublin traffic this morning

There is a point in the morning, where if we leave before it, we arrive ten minutes early at the kids’ school. If we go past it by just five minutes, we’re late and the difference isn’t five minutes, it’s about twenty minutes. The difference gets exponentially longer the later you leave after that point as Dublin seems to wake up and pile onto the roads.

It can be hard to calibrate leaving time in the morning as sometimes the point shifts for a never-ending list of reasons. For example changes in the weather, such as shifting from Spring to Winter, means more people take to their cars and many leave earlier, though initially most people seem to struggle with getting up in the dark so there is always some fluctuation early on. There is a storm predicated for this week and it’s dark, rainy and gloomy all morning. More cars and their leaving earlier.

Of course knowing about this point really doesn’t help that much. It puts stress on the morning routine to get everyone out on time and if you have kids you know the have a tendency to fill up the time, so getting up even earlier (I already get up at 6am), isn’t a good option. And if you miss it, you stress yourself out, even though there is nothing you can do. You just have to sit in traffic for 30 minutes and accept it.

It didn’t help of course that on the M50 motorway my 3yo son climbs out of his car seat and I have to pull over, get him back in and then try to get back into the unforgiving traffic.

Also, I didn’t get my bun from the shop at school.

TL;DR: We left five minutes later this morning and the kids were late by five minutes at school (twenty minutes later than normal) and it took me an extra thirty minutes on top of that to get to work.

*breath deeply*

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