I ain’t sorry…

I kinda lassed out on the redbrick boards yesterday. I’m sorry I got angry but I’m not sorry about why I did it. Now that I’ve cooled a bit I think I should explain it.

We were discussing the controversial topic of Homeopathy. While the majority of posters were dismissing it or claiming it was disproved, I kept throwing counter points in there (which I’m not going to reiterate here). Not that I actually believe in Homeopathy (I don’t) but you’ve got question. I prefaced all my initial responses (or as many times in the conversation as was reasonable) with “I don’t believe in Homeopathy but…”

Yet for the fourth time, somebody reacted to me as if I was defending or that I believed in Homeopathy!

They believed I was saying “because you can’t prove it wrong, it is therefore true”, while I was trying to say that “there is evidence but the scientific evidence is inconclusive in that there are open questions”.

Or, worse they assumed I believed in Homeopathy because of my points or because of previous posts I’ve made about unreleated but similar genre topics (i.e. the mystical, religious, etc.).

It drove me up the wall, this assumation about my beliefs. The last person said he (paraphrasing here) was amazed that I would accept something without any physical belief even though I was a computer programming, but he wasn’t taking a dig at me… hello? Did he read my posts? Did he not see my “I do not believe in Homeopathy” statements? And so what? If I believe in say God or the human spirit… is that really so weird?

I guess sometimes I probaly do it but I hope that when someone is simply making a point I don’t automatically get personal and bring in my personal opinions about that person.

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