I wish to trademark the number ‘0’ please, oh and while your at it, could I get ‘1’ as well?

I saw on boing boing that Marvel are attempting to trademark the term “Superhero”. Sounds utterly ridiculous. The sad thing is that they are already attempting to enforce it. See here about a web comic which satires super-heroes that has had to change it’s name to avoid any legal costs.

Well anyway, this is all old news by now to anyone who uses Digg.com or reads BoingBoing.net. But then, I was at the movies last nights. Doesn’t really matter what we saw (which is to say that it was a rom-com that Sophie wanted to see).

There was a ad for a computer game based on the TV show “24”. The title “24” had a little “tm” beside it. They’ve trademarked the number 24? Can you do that? (If I find any pictures I’ll put them up here.)

Wow, trademarking a number sets a whole new precedent. Personally I’d like to trademark the number ‘2’ to stop all those crap sequels, ‘0’ for all those films with years in the title and ‘1’ just for pure geek-ness. Then I could sue Stanley Kubrick for “2001: A Space Odyssey” (one of my all-time favourite movies)… ah shit, he’s dead isn’t it?

Maybe it was an April Fools (a day late)? (Someone suggested to me they are just trademarking the font and style… but I can’t imagine them letting me publish a novel with the title “24” for example?)

Update (3/04/06 @ 12.10am):

I present my evidence: here is cut from the cover of the computer game “24: The Game” showing the little “tm” in the top right corner:

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