More drawings from Chargey

After doing drawing exercises on texture, I felt inspired to draw, just for drawing. My daughter and her cousin both have a “Kaloo”, a brand teddy bear that has a long hat that can be used for sucking. Alice has two since she was a baby. She had three but lost one. Her cousin had three or four. So while they were preoccupied I grabbed one of each of their kaloos, a car for the cousin, Antoine (he’s mad into cars) and a flower that Alice picked when we went for a walk. I thought it was a nice, simple composition, and it came out very well.

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I went looking for something else to draw the next day and I remembered this cute little statue of Cherub Angel, that was tucked away on a book shelf. I like the final result. While not a perfect rendering, it captured something of the rough detail of the statue.

This picture is actually done from a photograph. It’s based on my daughter Alice and there is no way she would have sat for the 2-3 hours it took to do the drawing. Actually, I only know it’s 2-3 hours because my wife informed me when I had finished. I felt I had only spent 30 minutes or so. The photograph was one of opportunity. Alice and Antoine ran in from a walk with the grandparents. They had wreaths of leaves on their head. There was something-oh-so- fey about it and the photo captured it. I think I captured something of that too while it’s certainly not a close rendering of Alice.

Of course, I shouldn’t have said it was based on Alice, because that was the feedback I got… “I can kinda see Alice in it…”. Which kind of made it impossible to do the next drawing. I wanted to do second drawing, this time using Antoine’s photo. However I got wrapped up in trying to get a good rendering of him. After nearly two and half hours, I was no closer. I had restarted five times, trying to get his face right. In the end, I had to stop because I was getting frustrated with the process and thats bad. I had to remind myself that it’s the act of drawing that’s enjoyable and if I didn’t get his look right, it wasn’t the end of the world. However, later I went back to the rough sketch and used pens to give it a quick outline. I didn’t want to make the effort wasted.

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