Mr. T as the Jabberwocky!

dvd cover
I’m a bit of Alice-in-Wonderland-o-phile, so imagine my joy when my daughter (called Alice) was given a DVD called “Alice through the looking glass”. Now it looks absolutely terrible from the cover. But then I looked at the voice actors… Mr. T as the Jabberwocky! Wow. (You know I don’t recall the Jabberwocky actually talking in the original books).

Mr. T as the Jabberwocky Proof!

Anyway, last Saturday morning, Alice decides she’ll watch it and that it no longer has a scary cover. We sit down and start watching. It’s bad. Very bad. The songs are atrocity and the rewriting of the original story is so hacky and obviously designed to fit into some “good for kids” formula. The animation is on the lame side of the 80s. It’s so bad, I fall asleep within ten minutes after the introduction of the “fool” (a character certainly not in the books). I only woke up at the end credits. Darn, I never even got to hear Mr. T as the Jabberwocky.

But I’m not willing to sit through it again… (but I may have to…)

(You can see the original DVD on Amazon( here)

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