MTs BerkleyDB on Redbrick, DG836G and Corrupt Firmware Updates and Selling House

Sorry for the lack of news and updates. There are many reasons.

I could blame Redbrick for moving their web services from Prodigy to Deathray. I use Movable Type for my webpage and I’m using, still, BerkleyDB instead of SQL. This broke, of course, moving from the two different machines. The standard solution from MovableType manual didn’t work. But luckily I found someone else online who had similar pains to me and gave a lovely long description of the problem and how to fix it. Unfortantly it still required admin intervention. But the admins on redbrick eventually fixed it. The stupid thing is… I’m still using BerkleyDB. I should really upgrade to MySQL.

But, oh, my technology worries did not end there! I bought a rather nice piece of kit for my home. It’s a 4 Ethernet Port Router, Wireless Base Station and a ASDL modem in one from NetGear. And all the software is Linux and Opensource to boot. (The model number is DG834G if your googling for solutions). I got it all up and running in moments and was happy as larry.

Then I upgraded the firmware.

It stopped working. I checked the NetGear website, nothing. I emailed them and after 24 hours, got an automated reply. I’m still waiting for an answer. I would have called them except, the support number is UK and a premium rate. It also says on the box 24/7 support (not that I bought it for the support option)! I googled a lot and found that lots of other people had similar issues and that NetGear support was useless.

Luckly I found that NetGear did have solutions, except that most of the time they don’t know they have solutions(?). Some other users have posted the tools and steps to fix it on The thread is here.

Now that all my technical woes are solved, there are other things in the way…

Moving House is a big one. We’ve put down an offer on a place in Lucan but we haven’t sold ours yet. We’re waiting for that buyer so if your looking for a two bed appartment, near town, near the luas… Tramyards 2 bed Appartment, Inchicore isn’t a bad bet! :)

And because of that, I’ve had to put all my drawing stuff away to hide the clutter so thats why there isn’t any new drawings recently.

We’ve started a new game, which you can read about here, and that webpage has been incredibly busy with comments, posts, writeups and lots of other stuff. If your into rpgs and gaming, check it out. It’s SLA Industries with is a great setting. So thats suckling my energy too.

I’m also busy working on my writing. I may post up some extracts later (after Soph kindly corrects my grammer) but don’t hold your breath I’m afraid. I’m preparing it so I can start sending drafts to publishers. I’m hoping for some interest but I have no idea what my expectations should be.

The final barrier to regular updates then is stress. With Strawberry on the way in less than 3 months, no nursery ready (because we’re moving house), so much stuff to buy (and not enought money)… ’tis a very tiring time.

So take care reader and bare in mind that there is much more to this writer (programmer/husband/father-to-be/gamer/artist/boring sod) than some simple text on a webpage. :)

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