New Look and Feel for my Website

Yep, a new theme for my website. (You can still use the old one by following this link).

This new design is meant to be much less cluttered and bring to the front the more important parts of my site, namely my writing and software. Nothing’s been deleted, just ‘moved sideways’. You can still browse my drawings, links to my other sites, etc. by following the ‘Other Stuff’ link above.

This is definitly not a ‘blog’ theme. It is designed for a more static personal homepage, using WordPress as a content manager instead of a blogger tool. Not much room for ‘fancy’ plugins like polls or such (not that they ever got much traffic).

The whole redesign has been based on the traffic my site recieved. By having less links and content upfront, the user isn’t over-awed by information and hopefully they’re be a little more curious by whats underneath.

I don’t know yet if I’ll turn the theme into a downloadable theme. If you would like this theme, then drop a comment on this post to tell me! :) In fact, if you have any feedback on the new look, I’d like to know!

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