New Release of TDO Mini Forms getting closer…

I’m making good progress on the next release of TDO Mini Forms. I’ve managed to clear out much of my “TODO” list and I’m only left with updating widgets before I move to a live test server. On the live test server I’ll be testing and finishing admin notifications and akismet spam integration for the editing feature. More screenshots after the “more” link!

On a short side-note, it seems that I’m 115th top WordPress Plugin Author, thanks to the popularity of TDO Mini Forms! Anyway…

I’m starting to get excited about getting this version out and seeing what people think. There is a lot still left to finish though. The first drop of the editing feature is going to be a little limited in some places. Only a subset of widgets will be supported, specifically only Content, Who Am I, Image Captcha, I Agree, Append to Post Content, 1 Question Captcha and Text will work on an Editing Form. I will continue to update and add existing widgets to the Editing Form in the future though, but I thought it better to get the form out there with enough to make it workable.

The big limitation though is on the moderation of user edits. Currently within the plugin, there is very little I can do to modify how the revisions are presented in the standard WordPress UI. I think in the future I’ll be adding a version of the revision page to TDO Mini Forms that will give me more control and free up the way things work. Right now, when a post has a unapproved edit (or an edit flagged as spam), the post is locked down. No other edits can occur. The current revision page for posts doesn’t allow me to add information about revisions to indicate which are spam or unapproved. I’d like to provide the option to allow unlocked editing, but both the spam options and revision options need to be improved. A task for future versions.

And I’ve only started to update the admin backend to make it more WordPress 2.7-like (and I hope I’m finished before WordPress 2.8 is out!) and I have a lot of ideas to improvement and many good suggestions from the forums.

But I want the subsequent releases to be more about bug fixes than anything else. I’ve neglected a lot of bug fixing in lieu of getting this editing-feature done. It has taken me, on occasion, a month to get through the requests on the forum! Also, I suspect, the editing forms will introduce a whole new plethora of bugs, which simple did not crop up in my testing.

So all things not withstanding, a release should be coming soon. And to keep your appetite wet, here are some more screen-shots for you.

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