On my WordPress Plugin: Search and Replace…

I got a trackback today from the themeplayground blog on my Search and Replace WordPress Plugin. This was my first WordPress plugin.

Anyway, Ryan was talking about the new WordPress release, version 2.3. He said this:

The new update notifications for WordPress and Plugins seems to work real well. As soon as I had everything back up and running a modest little space opened up at the bottom of the Plugins page to notify me that there was a new version available for one of my Plugins (Search and Replace by Mark Cunningham). I like how it works; my only concern might be that update notifications are posted at the bottom of the page and not towards the top. I am glad it doesn’t pop up all over the place, but it might be a little too easy to overlook where it is now.

Cool feature I must admit. But how very odd. I haven’t downloaded WordPress 2.3 yet so I haven’t seen this feature. However, I haven’t updated my Search and Replace plugin since 2006. I haven’t done anything special to it in a long time. It did what it needed to do and that was fine for me. I haven’t added it to WordPress.org’s plugin repository, etc. etc. So how did WordPress 2.3 know that my plugin was updated, even though I didn’t?

Because someone else has registered a “Search and Replace” plugin. In fact they’ve taken my original plugin and updated. Great! I have no issue with this. I didn’t know that someone had done this but that’s not important. I wasn’t going to support it anyway. However, could they have at least named it “Search and Replace 2″ (like the “Subscribe 2″ plugin was an new release by a different author of the “Subscribe” plugin) or “Advanced Search and Replace”! I can’t now register the original plugin with the correct name on WordPress.org’s plugin repo. I’d have to call it “search and replace original” or something. While they give me credit in the plugin’s description, it’s still kind of stealing my “glory” (if there was any to have). And now it’s too late for them to change it as WordPress.org’s API thinks “search and replace” is his plugin. Arg! I’m sure the plugin author didn’t do it out of malice, it’s still annoying. Thank god I’m not attempting to make money (say via adsense for example) for writing plugins, because then I’d be seriousily miffed!

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