On the other side of the FudgeList…

There is currently such a change in the Fudge community. After the FudgeList shut down I was expecting a period of quiet and apathy before something started off. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Looks like we may finally shake off that “Drudge” misconception! Ann Dupius of Grey Ghosts setup this yahoo community: fudgecommunity and it’s been busy ever since. A lot of Fudge projects came out of the wood work and I even end up revealing some of my “secret project” LH, which is cool because I’m planning to get it out there in a free-ish format soon anyway. There is certainly a lot more openiness and sharing and I do hope it lasts. One of the best things though was that Ann spent several days online in the “official” chat and it connected a lot of the members, made the list a lot more personable.

If this is what killing off the FudgeList did to the community, then I wish they had done it earlier! :)

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