Playing with Ink: Cthulhu, Dinosaurs and Teddy Bears

It’s been a while since I did some drawing and this last time I started playing with ink. I’ve used pens before, but this time I was using nibs and brushes. You can see the few exercises I did to the right side there. None of theses took more than a few minutes to do. I was just trying to get a feel for how the ink came out.

I do enjoy using ink. While pencil is my first love when drawing, ink is becoming a firm favourite too. It’s certainly more tricky drawing with a brush or a nib but it’s certainly more satisfying. Pens are solid and black. Brushes and nibs flow and fluctuate their thickness with the speed of your hand. There is a closeness yet detachment with the material. Also, ink scans in so much better. And there is something, simply satisfying by applying big areas of black. It gives the image drama.

As an exercise I did this “Decorative Cthulhu”. I’ve been doodling images of Cthulhu during meetings for weeks now and the image came out rather nice after you scan it in. I might even use it for an icon for my avatar, replace that old chesire cat. I had intended to highlight the glossy nature of the deep black eye with some white ink but as I was setting up for that, I spilt water all over the paper. There was some slight smudging but it doesn’t really show in the scan.

I also did this pencil sketch of my baby son from a bad photo I took. It came out all right but I get the feeling it would work better if I use charcoal. I’ll probably be re-visiting this image in the future. There is also some weird quality added to the image during the scanning process, looks like the paper was all crinkled or something.

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