Post-holiday blues…

I’m back from my holidays three days now. And I’m still suffering. The holiday was great, three weeks, no TV, no internet connection, just my laptop for writing, sketchpad for drawing and two children to stop me from relaxing and a baby who cries a lot to keep me just on the edge… not too far, just close.

Nah, seriously, holiday was good. 3 weeks is about right, you really get a good space to enjoy it. The trip home was monstrous though, 12 hours travelling and landing in Dublin Airport at near midnight to discover:

  1. They had left our buggy and car seat for the baby in Paris
  2. We had lost the parking ticket and couldn’t even remember what the reg plate number was…

Not fun when you have a screaming baby in one arm and a toddler who is so tired they have gone past sleeping and has started sprouting nonsense and doesn’t seem to hear or see anyone.

But I’m back now and as usually it so disappointing to find that, fundamentally, nothings changed. It’s depressing.

Yet though nothing else has changed, we’re having to find a new routine. Tristan being 7 weeks old now, sleeps, mostly, through the night (mostly involves Sophie getting up about 6 times to give him soother from about 5.30am). At the same time I’m getting familiar again with getting up at 7am, working, coming home and doing my best to try keep my energy levels up and get stuff done (which I’m failing miserable out) though all I’d love to do is sit in front of the TV and melt.

The good thing about holidays is that I had time to do lots of stuff and have tons of ideas about new projects… however I’m not sure I’ll have the time to do any, but I might blog about some of them during the come weeks.

Oh and hi! to everyone who is reading this via the new Fudge RPG Planet. It seems my blog was picked up as a blog about Fudge and roleplaying (which it is, kinda). Which is cool that someone thought my blog was somewhat of interest. Anyway, I will have some Fudge posts later, I have some thoughts on NowPlaying and Fudge derivatives in general.

BTW Did I miss anything while I was on holidays?

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