Project Free Brick?

Nearly a year ago (maybe even longer) I had a discussion with another Redbrick member: Duke. Even though we had completely different view points, we still wanted to talk about certain topics without having to defend our opinions. I mean he is a scientist very much so, while I’ve been called a “New Age Freak” by my own wife.

I guess I’m getting old because I’m not as willing to talk about my beliefs in public, especially not with work-mates and ironically not on my webpage either. In the last few years I’ve even found the Redbrick Boards a tiresome place for such discussion. Actually there is no discussion of these kinds of topics because it always boils down to having to defend your beliefs from the “scientific right”. It’s not that I have a problem with Science(tm), in fact I don’t. I would even defend science. Nor is it that I feel my beliefs are threatened because of some scientific-based belief. It just gets wearisome. Perhaps I’m misreading the ‘tone’ of some posters but I do sense a certain “zealousness” when I read replies to posts I make on several specific topics. I guess I should kilfile such folk but I rarely do, I like to see what others are saying even if I think the worse of them

So Duke and I brainstormed a bit and came up with an idea for a trusted redbrick member’s forum. Basically invite only. A place where you could discuss Wicca, Religion, Astral Project, Supernatural, Magick etc. without having to account for the chemical reactions in your brain. For some reason I felt the urge this year to set it up: Project Free Brick [].

Unfortunately it’s seems to have flop so immediately. Next to nobody I contacted seemed interested. These kind of things need a ‘critical mass’ (evil business-speak.. *spit*) of people. Just look at the Redbrick Wiki I manage, which has a healthy number of contributors. Then see what happened to the occult wiki which ended up with me being the sole contributor. Three people do not make a forum.

If there is anyone out in the ether wilds of Redbrick who might be interested, feel free to sign up (use your Redbrick username so we know who you are).

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