Rebooting my bandwidth and TDO Mini Forms plugin Release 0.6

I’ve just made a new release of my ever popular WordPress plugin: TDO Mini Forms (v0.6). Mostly backend changes but it should be even more stable than before.

However I’ve got to take a break from working on it. I’ve made four releases of the plugin in March alone! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed working it. But at a cost of my other projects. My non-work time is split between family, relaxation and these. I just don’t have enough time to be able to really spread it out.

Specifically my roleplaying adventure Reboot is suffering. On the publishing side momentum is building but I haven’t been support it as much as should. So I’m going concentrate on it for a while.

I’m not abandoning TDO Mini Forms and if there are any bugs I will attempt to fix them. But I am shifting my priorities around. At some undetermined point in the future I will dive back into developing the plugin.

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