ReCaptcha, Excerpts, Comment Management and Default Tags! Here is version 0.12.5 of TDO-Mini-Forms

Version 0.12.5 of the my WordPress plugin TDO-Mini-Forms has just been made available. (It may just take a few minutes as I’ve just committed to the SVN).

This version adds four new widgets:

  • An Excerpt Widget – allows submitters to supply their own excerpt
  • Comments Management Widget – enable/disable comments and pings for posts submitted from this form and even allow users to chose if they wish to enable comments
  • ReCaptcha Widget – it’s been asked for so many times. This integrates the ReCaptcha service into your forms to help fight spam
  • Subscribe-to-Comments Widget – this widget integrates with the ever-popular Subscribe-to-Comments 2.1 plugin to allow submitters be automatically subscribed to followup comments via email

Also these widgets were updated:

  • Category Widget: Include Field enabled and a sort (and sort by) option added
  • Tag Widget: Now includes options for default tags, required tags and even disabling user adding tags.

There are a few other little updates which you can check out on the Version Log. I still have quite number of entries in my Work Queue left but I’m planning to move on and look at post editing, the last big big feature. I think now is a good time to do it rather than spend so much effort adding little features and with WordPress 2.6 revision history feature now in full operation, allowing users to edit posts should be a dream.

Don’t forget, this plugin is free, however if you found it useful you can show your appreciation via a small donation or buying me a book!

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