Roleplaying without your GM or playing solo? What is “Mythic Role Playing”?

I was perusing the reviews on and I saw this one: Review of Mythic Role Playing. I’ve never heard of the game myself till I saw the review. Besides the intriguing title (“Mythic” strikes a certain chord in relation to my pet RPG projects), the summary is fascinating:

A great buy is an understatement. No GM, multiple players; No GM, one player; One GM, any number of players; Mythic, stand-alone; Mythic with other RPGs. Mythic has many uses and executes them Mythicly well. You will not be disappointed.

A game that can be Universalis-like at one time or play it solo just as a player without a GM at all? What is this?

The review isn’t necessarily enlightening. Something about a big chart and rolling percentile dice to resolve… but not too clear on how you play without a GM. The review also states:

Mythic also requires little to no preparation and very little bookkeeping. Come to the game unprepared, brainstorm, for 5 or so minutes, create characters, come up with an opening scene, and start asking yes & no questions with the use of the Fate Chart to build your adventure and build your world as you play.

This fate chart thing just sounds like some sort of dramatic “random encounter table” but the author of the review points out:

This is not a “choose-your-way” or “follow-the-paragraph” book; it is a full-fledged role-playing system.

Ok. What the fuck is it? Has anyone read it or played it that could give me a little more on it? Does it do everything the reviewer claims?

I’m dubious about the review. It’s not written clearly and it is his first and only review. And he does state that he’s doing the review to, essentially, promote it. (I guess that’s partially successful, because here I am writing about it).

Also, whats the link with “Mythic”? Is it based on mythology and folklore or the “art of telling mythic stories”? It is meant to be a “universal RPG”.

I’m very tempted to go and buy the PDF, just to see what it is. (BTW the website for Mythic Role Playing is here but I haven’t looked it in any depth yet).

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