Seriousily, do you think I might be a terrorist?

I saw this story via slashdot.

Members of the area Chinese community have rallied behind a Clements High School senior who was removed from the campus and sent to M.R. Wood Alternative Education Center after parents complained he’d created a computer game map of Clements.

So this kid, creates a mod for some FPS (First Person Shooter computer game like Doom or Quake) based on his school. Oh and he had a hammer.

The map the boy designed mimicked Clements High School. And, sources said, it was uploaded either to the boy’s home computer or to a computer server where he and his friends could access and play on it. Two parents apparently learned from their children about the existence of the game, and complained to FBISD administrators, who investigated.

“They arrested him,” Chen said of FBISD police, “and also went to the house to search.” The Lin family consented to the search, and a hammer was found in the boy’s room, which he used to fix his bed, because it wasn’t in good shape, Chen said. He indicated police seized the hammer as a potential weapon.

And he gets arrested and “removed from the campus”?

The thing is, while I was in DCU (Dublin City University) many years ago, I created two maps/mods for Quake, a very popular multi-player FPS at the time: CA Labs and Sports Hall. Both were based on buildings on the campus. (Since I did these mods, the buildings have changed quite drastically).

Am I a terrorist? Should I have been suspended from DCU for them? If I was living in America should I be expecting police officers to raid my home and if they find DIY tools, arrest me?

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