So last night I didn’t write anything

Nothing at all. Not one typed letter. 

Of course, that doesn’t particularly sound impressive but I only realised today that I have managed to spend at least 10 minutes (if not up to an hour) writing every evening, after the kids are in bed, since coming back from my holidays in August. That’s pretty good going. I haven’t watched much TV, played much Wii or done much blogging because of it, but I don’t think that’s a great loss. TBH I felt last night I was justified in not actually doing any writing. A bronchitis and a fever are a good excuse aren’t they? 

Which means my long-time “secret” project Lost Heroes RPG is moving forward. I didn’t think it’d be this big (in terms of volume), I’m only writing up the setting. But once I’ve completed the setting, I’ll be making available for everyone to read. Hopefully writing up the rules and traits sections won’t be as long.

I think I’ve gone about it all screwy on this project because from the last few batches of new roleplaying games I’ve bought, they’ve gone for tight set of rules and small (or slight) setting. And here I am writing up this behemoth. In fact, looking at the volume in those games, I could split it into four-six separate games with the same set of rules, but we’ll see how far I get with this mythic-sized version.

I’m thoroughly enjoying it regardless. The great thing about it for me is that I keep finding myself coming up with stories and characters so easily after each large bit of writing. In my head I have a number of complete-plotted short stories and material for two novels… so even if my RPG barely gets noticed, I think I’ll find a good use for it. I’ll probably put together at least one or two short stories.

Anyway, I’m signing off so I can do some more writing!

PS. All this writing has made me forget to mention that I’ve setup the Monster FudgeRPG Feed blog. This is a blog that aggregates loads of feeds from blogs, forums, wikis and mailing lists about Fudge RPG system. Stuff every day in the feed. Since the demise of the FudgeList (and therefore the badly-named River-of-Fudge feed), I need something that pulled in all those existing blogs and forums.

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