Some good news for WordPress on Redbrick

If your running WordPress on Redbrick, more than likely your using a version of WordPress modified by me (see the wiki for more details).

One of the big problems of WordPress on Redbrick was that Redbrick is behind a proxy so all outbound connections have to go through the proxy. Wordpress has no build in support for it. I worked out all the changes needed (here). I also submitted a bug report to WordPress (#3082) detailing the issue.

Well, they’ve closed the bug. :( Because someone else has submitted a fix for it that supports it properly. :) So hopefully, in the next release of WordPress (2.1.4?), it’ll be much easier to install WordPress on Redbrick. You’ll be able to configure the proxy in wp-config.php and off you go. More stuff will just work “out of the box”!

Now it’d be perfect if the mighty admins of Redbrick get CURL up and running. I’ve been informed this in progress but should be soon.

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