Status of TDO-Mini-Forms

I managed to get through all the support requests on the local forums and on with regards the TDO Mini Forms plugin. So along with that and what I had planned it seems I have my work cut out for me. The good news is that TDOMF required no updates for WordPress 2.6.x.

What I’m intending to work on (but not necessarily in this order):

  • Fix Import/Export Form and tdomfinfo()
  • Extract Widget
  • Warnings in Admin UI (pretty critical at this point to stem the number of support requests)
    • Custom Field Error checking (empty key/title, same key/title)
    • If all ERRORs turned on
    • Form configuration changed but Form Hacker not updated
  • Problem with AJAX and using the Capatcha Widget
  • Rolling in French localisation updates from Laurent
  • Preventing multiple revisions of posts because of submission

What I’ve also put on my current plate (but may not get done next release or even the release after that):

  • Bug: Internet Explorer sometimes gives “Use FireFox” on submission page
  • Using the Capatcha from the Recaptcha plugin
  • Including Error, Validation and Style messages in Form Hacker
  • Fixing the Time calculation for queuing post
  • Comments and Pings Widget (change defaults, give option to submitter etc.)
  • Bug: Small fix required in tdomf-categories-widget.php lines
  • Bug: No sidebars appearing for widget configuration in Internet Explorer 7
  • Bug: Since WordPress 2.6.x, there have been some conflicts reported with other plugins
  • Bug: Conflict using TinyMCE with AJAX
  • Bug: Strange behaviour of widgets on fresh install of wp2.6.1
  • Bug: Report of “output already started” errors from tdomf-db.php on line 333″
  • Update the tag widget with some new features like setting it to required.
  • Bug: Upload-link error occuring for some users

However, if some of these issues are critical to you, the best way to get me to up the priority is to donate (there is a link within the plugin if you hadn’t seen it) and tell me which one you need fixing! :)

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