Support for TDO Mini Forms will be quiet till August…

… because I’m going on holidays! :)

Unfortunately I’ve heard that WordPress 2.6 will be out very soon and I haven’t prepared for it. I’m aware of the changes but I haven’t setup a 2.6 test bed to do the work. So please be careful about upgrading, as soon as I get back it’ll be one of the first things I look at.

Also in my current work-queue:

  • Form Hacker:
    • Form Import/Export and TDOMF Fixes
    • Support for hacking the Error and Validation and Stylesheet
  • Excerpt Widget
  • Admin Error and Warning messages on some dud Custom Field configurations (such as empty keys or titles, using the same keys across multiple custom fields, etc.)
  • Display an Admin warning if Error messages are enabled (with the last release you can enable all PHP errors by a magic combination of options)

BTW If you want to show your appreciation of TDO Mini Forms by just clicking, you can pop over to and give it a good rating!

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