TDOMF is not dead!

It was just taking a break! My host went unexpectedly down for a little period and so the TDOMF support forums were down and so too were all my development and test sites. Which meant that I was unable to do any work on TDOMF during the down period, which is why people’s requests on the forums and went by largely ignored by me. I saw them, but there was little I could do to answer them. I’ll should be back getting back into the swing of things by next week, depending on how much sleep I manage to recoup over the next week.

But before it all went down I had started work on several features. Specifically to do with the problem of spam. My host had upgraded their PHP version and suddenly the TDOMF image captcha no longer worked on the forums and I had to remove it, otherwise no-one could post. Suddenly spam appeared. The one-question-captcha widget had zero effect on it. So I turned on moderation to prevent any more slipping through. I now have a queue of genuine spam submissions for TDOMF, so I thought, why not implement Akismet integration now with some real data. And it was coming together before my host went down. Now that things are starting to get back up to speed, I can start to look at finishing this work. I also want to look at throttling submissions – as in allowing a max limit of submission per user (or IP) per set period of time. And also expanding the one-question-captcha to support multiple random questions. I would hope these combination of features would provide enough tools to handle spam.

I will also look at queueing approved/published TDOMF posts. More than one person has asked for such a feature. The idea being that when you approve a TDOMF submission, it’ll only publish after X time after the last published post, creating a queue of published posts.

I still have the Form Hacker and AJAX features half done, but they require a lot of tweaking so they won’t make it into the next release.

After that I’m seriously thinking about looking at editing (and deleting) posts functionality. It’ll be a big chunk of work, but the time may be right for it.

I also see that WordPress has gone to 2.5.1. Time to upgrade again.

Anyway, it’s good to be back and please be patient while I get up to speed.

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