Thank you Spam-Karma 2

Over the recent months I’ve been flooded with comment spam. I setup WordPress to put all comments in moderation to prevent defacing my site… that led to getting 50 or so emails a week (and sometimes a day) about comments awaiting moderation. Real comments, though far and few between, were being swamped to the point I didn’t have the time to filter them and let them pass.

With WordPress 1.5 comes Akismet, a spam plugin. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work on Redbrick. I got my WordPress API key, but it just wouldn’t accept the key. I emailed them and checked their logs and the WordPress forums. No good. The recommended solution was to change servers!

So I’ve been on the hunt for a decent Spam plugin for WordPress and low and behold I cam across Spam Karma 2. Since yesterday, when I installed it, it has gobbled up all the comment spam so far recieved (which was about 10 comments). Good stuff. No more nasty comments about casinos, hotels, diy stores, drugs and even less savoury stuff.

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