The artistic side of the Dead One

For a long time I’ve considered removing the bits and pieces of drawings I’ve upload to this website. I put them up here, less as a show case for my talents, but more as a place to manage, archive and possible share them.

I don’t really consider myself an artist and I’ve allow my skills and little talent to languish for a long time. Sometimes I pick up some pencils and draw (such as scenes of Chargey, a holiday home we go to in the summer), but I never produce anything in my opinion of quality.

This morning, I check my blog and find this “lovely” comment on an image I did quite a while back:

“This was plagiarized from a 1 19th century etching. You’re a hack.”

He’s right about one thing. I did “copy” the image of the Jabberwocky (off the wonderful classic John Tennial Alice in Wonderland illustrations). I did a whole rack of “copies” (and original stuff) based on Alice in Wonderland as decorations for my wedding, oh so long ago.

I never thought that anyone would take my drawings seriously enough to accuse me of a plagiarism! I’ve since updated any other “copies” that I’ve done with a note about the original work in case that I potentially get accused of being a plagiarist again. I don’t make money of these images.

It just drove home that perhaps it’s time to cut the images from my website. They only get hits from trolls and wandering surfers. They don’t increase traffic or readership of my website. To those who read my blog, do you want to see my artistic “hacks”?

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