The Day of Fudge is on for the 6th June!

I mentioned briefly in my previous post about “the Day of Fudge”.  Well, it’s official. On Saturday, 10 GMs (members of the community) volunteered to run a Fudge game, on the 6th June, in a public place for non-Fudgers. In fact there is more than 10 GMs, many more have been enlisted outside of the community and there are groups in Spain, Brazil and France! It’s more like a “distributed” FudgeRPG con.

The whole thing was the idea of Patrick Benson, intended as a sort of grassroots/viral movement. And the new community answered the call. Patrick requested that 10 people from the community volunteer before the last day of January and it seems to have paid off, all coming together at 6.30pm on Saturday, Jan 31st (a nice dramatic ending there)! Ann Dupis of GreyGhost games has also promised goodies to all the GMs who take participate which is amazingly generous.

Sadly, I won’t be doing it myself for various personal reasons – unless there is a bunch of Irish-Dublin based gamers who want to try Fudge, who also happen to be reading this blog. But to all the GMs participating, I applaud you!

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