The State of the Fudge

I meant to write this up a while back, but I haven’t had the time to do the dutiful blogging. I’m working during the day, coding free software in my spare time, and the in evening I’m writing/working on Lost Heroes RPG (for Fudge). And then of course my free time is spent with the kids and family. 

I’m not sure if this post should be done here or over on the blog I’ve put together on Lost Heroes RPG website, seeing that website is more dedicated to Fudge than my personal blog. But lets do it here for the moment. Since the Fudge community was re-born in the September of last year, it’s rolling along quite well. Activity seems to be up across the board!

If you’ve been using my Monster Fudge RPG feed, you’ll have noticed that activity is strong on both the Fudge Forums and the Yahoo Mailing List. And only last week, we now have a facebook group too!

One of the most interesting activities right now is the “Day of Fudge“. Basically get 10 GMs from all over the world, on one day, to run a game fo Fudge in a public place for people new to Fudge. It’s a great idea. There is at least one Spanish GM and one Brazilian GM in the list.

Also, recently enough, there was a topic on what fudge projects are people activily (and not) working on. Besides my own Lost Heroes game, there is number of interesting projects going on from Heroes of Oz (Wizard of Oz RPG), a spy-game, Power Extreme (a the Fudge supers RPG), Strange World (Carnivore Games), Cacería de Bichos (a spanish generic/bughunt centred sci-fi FUDGE game) and a few more besides.  Excellent work. As well as that Pablo Jaime Conill (zonkpj) has just written up a 7 page article on fudge for a Spanish fanzine.

And since the new yahoo group started there has been several web chats  including ones host by Ann Dupis and Brad Yonnie (of Now Playing), which is great way to bring the community together despite physical distances.

Sadly there seems to be some doubt over the fate of old Fudge Wiki, Fudge Factor archives and the old FudgeList archives. These are a great legacy from the old days of the community and it would be a pity to lose this content. The new community doesn’t seem interested, at least not right now, in having a one wiki to rule all of Fudge. Every project seems to have it’s own space carved out of the intertubes for itself.  For the moment, the legendary content remains in the hands of the previous owner Carl. My personal preference would be to see the content in a new form, like a PDF book, but alas I seem to be the only one. :(

But overall, it looks like Fudge is rolling a Superb these days! :)

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