TV and me so far in 2009

What a great weekend for TV: a Dr. Who specialĀ and three brand Red Dwarf episodes!

Dr. Who was enjoyable and fun, but I was much more excited about the Red Dwarf specials. I can’t wait till Dr. Who starts proper (I think that’s penned in for next year), but the Dr. Who special filled in the gap for the time being. At least we’ll have Torchwood in April (I think).

The Red Dwarf specials were fun and they left it open, possible, for a new series? I live in hope. There were lots of great nods to previous episodes, the fans, and Bladerunner. Loved it. If I had the box set of Red Dwarf, I think I would be watching it from the beginning again right now.

I have to say so far this year has been great telly wise. “Being Human” on BBC3 was, IMHO, by far the best fantasy I’ve seen this year on either side of the Atlantic. Pity it’s already over, but I have my fingers crossed for a second season. For those who don’t know, it’s about a ghost, werewolf and vampire living together trying to be “human”. Sort of a “situational drama” rather than the typical mystery-action or horror-action. There was some great episodes in there and I really recommend people try to watch it if they can.

Even the current “volume” of Heroes is markedly better than the previous season and other “volumes”. I don’t know if it’s enough to get people back into Heroes because you need to watch the previous half of season 3 to get the context and that was diabolically bad. The plot is much tighter and makes more sense, characters aren’t been added and dropped for no reason, and old forgotten characters are being remembered and used. There was even one particularly poignant episode with the death of two of the more recent characters.

And then Fringe just re-started there. Thoroughly enjoying it. The last few episodes before the break have really made it interesting, and, like recent Heroes, I want to see wants going to happen.

Still watching Dollhouse too. Episode six seemed to mark a huge improvement in the show, though I’m still not overwhelmed by it yet. The most recent episode, they seem to be “evolving” the show quite quickly with some of the characters. My wife suggested a good theory: it’s been written as a one season show, so if (or rather when) it gets cancelled, it’ll have come to some sort of conclusion. For the moment I’m still watching and I’ll see how it goes.

And then there is the excellent new seasons of Criminal Minds and Medium! So much to watch.

Of course, you can’t have it all ways and, though I’m late to say it, I’m sorry to see Pushing Daisies canned.

Now that I’ve declared my love of TV, it’s time to resume normally services! :)

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