Update on TDO Mini Forms migration to WordPress 2.5

Thanks to those who donated! Much appreciated.

As it turns out the migration is going a lot easier than I had anticipated. Functionally TDO Mini Forms works fine under WordPress 2.5 but much of the admin backend was screwed up.

  • The Form Widgets screen is broken
  • The main TDOMF page is messed up
  • The TDOMF sidebar on the Edit Post screen appears in the wrong place
  • There appears to be an issue with the thumbnails and image uploads

The only thing left to do is make sure that the changes I’ve made will also work on 2.3.x.

Once I’ve released v0.10.2 I can get back to answering everyone else’s comments, so please be patient. :)

(Please leave comments and feedback on TDO Mini Forms on the forums please)

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