Upgraded to WordPress 2.1…

Did it. Done it. And you shouldn’t have noticed anything, unless you happened to be gawking at thedeadone.net on Saturday 4pm.

I had setup a duplicate of my website, did a test upgrade, so I knew exactly the problems I encountered, which were really only one, once I had gone through all the modifications required to get up and running on Redbrick. Besides upgrading all the plugins, I also had to change my code syntax plugin (using now SyntaxHighter). It’s nice. The previous one suited me fine too but it was incompatible with WordPress 2.1. Still suffers a similar problem though that if you edit the post, you lose all your tabs and inline spacing. Pain in the hole.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed, so far, is the built in spellchecker (uses aspell locally) and that you can choose to write your posts in “code” (i.e. html) or a fancy visual editor.

(This post also suffers a dual purpose. It should also cross-post to livejournal to confirm all is up and running! :) )

Update: Arg! First bad point. It seems that if you have a “more” tag (i.e. the “Read More” link you see on posts on the frontpage), it won’t include anything after that tag in the RSS feed! That sucks. I’ve always included the complete text of posts in the RSS feed. I know some folk like just the extracts, however I’ve turned off some blogs just because, all I get is that extract in their feed. Damn. Have to see if someone has written a plugin to “fix” it…

Update #2: FFS! The admins had to shut down my wordpress because it was causing a huge load on the webserver. I believe this was due to this bug in WordPress 2.1. Hopefully it’s okay now. I guess I won’t be creating a wordpress 2.1 install script until 2.1.1 now even though I’ve fixed it locally (fingers crossed). And now, bugger it, my old posts are pingbacking other posts on my site. WordPress 2.0.x never did that. I’m getting rather annoyed by this “upgrade”!

Update #3: CompleteRSS plugin solves my RSS complaints. :)

Update #4: AJAX is quite funky in action. However it sucks when your trying to find which PHP files are being executed.

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