v0.9 of TDO Mini Forms has been released, but I can’t find it!

Sorry about this. I’ve checked in release 0.9 of TDO Mini Forms to WordPress.org’s SVN Saturday night, but no sign of it on the WordPress.org page this Monday morning. It still says 0.8 and it is still using 0.8’s readme.txt. I’ve already emailed them about it.

But don’t worry, I’m about to release 0.9.1 with a few bug fixes for 0.9. One of them being a problem with the Quicktags javascript and admin emails. I will be releasing this this evening (when I get home).

Update: I’ve doubled checked wordpress.org. The version is listed as 0.8 on the sidebar, but if you download it’ll download 0.9 zip! What’s even stranger is if you go to Older versions and click on 0.8, you’ll get 0.9. Something has got screwed up here. I hope the guys on wordpress.org sort it out. So for now, you can download 0.9 from there. v0.9.1 will go up tonight and I’ll update the page here then.

Update #2:: Doh! It’s all my mistake. I updated the readme.txt, the build number that’s stored internally in the plugin, etc. except I didn’t think of actually updating the version number of the plugin. So I release 0.9 with a 0.8 version number. Corrected now. You can get your hands on 0.9 from WordPress.org page, but be aware that v0.9.1 bug-fix version will be made available tonight. Sorry for the confusion.

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