Version 0.12 of TDO Mini Forms is out

I’ve just released TDO Mini Forms v0.12 (get it in all the usual places). You should soon be able to automatically update it in your WordPress install. Loads of new features; initial release of Form Hacker, AJAX forms, Categories Widget now supports Checkboxes and Radio buttons, new template tags and more bug fixes. You can see the full changelog after the “more” link.

I’ve had to disable the form import/export for this release as it was not playing nice with Form Hacker. The tdomfinfo() is also adversely affected by Form Hacker. Apologises for this, will fix as soon as I can.

Whats next now is to finish off bits and pieces to do with Form Hacker and probably spend time doing bug fixes. For me, at least, the next big feature is Post Editing. I’ve long ignored it, but I have to tackle it soon before I start on all the other little things that need to be done. Up until recently, every time I started to think about Post Editing, I would get carried away with trying to imagine some sort of generic framework where I could add modules to submit/edit anything in WP. But I’ve restrained myself and plan to attempt to add Form Editing (with an option for delete) without trying to reinvent tdo-mini-forms. Also, I don’t see the point of doing more than Post edit/submit/delete.

Enjoy v0.12!

Complete Changelog for v0.12:

  • AJAX (with fallback support)
  • Small bug in that validation widgets were not being called properly if they use the action “tdomf_validate_form_start” (such as any multiple instant widgets like 1 Question Capatcha and the Image Capatcha. Same also for preview.
  • Redirect to published post option
  • Initial implementation of Form Hacker
  • Text Widget now uses Form Hacker macros
  • Log now has size limit!
  • Categories Widget now supports radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Fixed a minor bug in the widgets panel where you had to reload the page after you saved a change in the number of any of the multiple widgets
  • Append widget
  • Upgrade notice
  • New Template Tags: tdomf_get_the_submitter_email and tdomf_the_submitter_email

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