Would you look at that… Kidic in the charts!

Kidic are number 26 in the Irish IRMA charts with their first official signal. I have copies of all their previous stuff at home and I remember when they were “Kid Icarus”!

(For those who don’t know or who aren’t members of Redbrick, Kidic are a rock band formed from various people who attended DCU. For the record, I did my third-year computer applications project with the guitarist).

Their music is pretty cool, similar to Radiohead before they went all weird. They have a music video, available online which is hilarious – only because I know them all from before, it’s so hard to take them seriously! :)

I wish them all the best! (And, yes, I did buy and download their single. So, eh, Spock, any chance of a physical copy of the single, for the collection? :) )

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