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Modifying the WordPress query in your theme without breaking plugins

In the WordPress codex, it explains how to modify what posts are in the loop by modifying the WordPress Query object. However there is a catch with this, because by using rewind_posts() for example, you are generating a brand new query to the database that doesn’t trigger plugins. Specifically this came up when creating the […]

Making the content field WYSIWYG in TDO Mini Forms (using TinyMCE)

It’s becoming a common query about how to make the content field in a TDO Mini Forms WYSIWYG (“What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get”). A WYSIWYG editor is where you see that your input is bold when you set it to bold, instead of seeing it plain with bold tags around the text. This tutorial will run you through quickly […]

Add a “pligg it” button to your webpage!

Found this neat little feature in Pligg that allows you to easily add a link to Pligg. The simple code can be expanded so you can add a button to your webpage that allows it to be easily submitted to Pligg. It’s not world-shattering, nor is it an unusual feature to find. However, if your […]

Integrating Pligg beta 8.1.0 with WordPress 2.0.4 (v1.1)

I’ve managed to get Pliggto use WordPress authentication and user database. You can see it running on the Game Crafter’s Guild website. I recently got Pligg using Pubcookie and that formed the basis of this work, however they are very different. I’ve only tested this with Pligg Beta 8.1.0. I believe future versions may have […]

Integrating Pligg beta 8.1.0 with PubCookie

I’ve managed to get Pligg to use Redbrick’s PubCookie to authenticate logins. For the moment, you can see it in action here. However, this was done for demo purposes so I don’t know if it’ll stay there forever. I reused the approach that worked for integrating MediaWiki with PubCookie for our Redbrick Wiki. This was […]

LiveJournal and WordPress

So the online Irish gaming community has moved, without a word, to livejournal. They even have a “community” setup. But to be honest, I’ve already got my own homepage setup so I don’t particularly want to setup another blog just to join in. Well, luckly I found Live+Press, a little plugin for WordPress that allows […]

Redbrick Planet for X-Dashboard

This is rather funky. If your a WordPress user there is this nice plugin called X-Dashboard which allows you to configure the ‘dashboard’ on the WordPress interface. I only recently figured out how to get the Dashboard working properly on Redbrick (see the Redbrick Wiki Topic “Installing WordPress”) so I fired up the plugin and […]

Tutorial How to Create New Skies for VtMR

This is a tutorial for creating new “skies” for the levels and maps for the computer game Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. It was originally written for ModHaven (when it was still around). Have a look at my “Akashic Records” level for a sample of a new sky in a level. Related Posts:Akashic Records (A VtM:R […]