HeyMessenger Prototype

HeyMessenger Prototype is a proof-of-concept application, inspired by messenging tools such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN.

Tiny screenshot of Hey Messenger in action!Hey messages are messages sent by using the hey command on networked server from one user to another.

This application provides a frontend to sending and recieving Hey messages without opening and managing a shell. Specifically on Redbrick.

Just download the HeyMessenger Prototype Jar File: HeyMsg.jar (510kb) and use Java to run it.

To use this application you’ll need to have the latest version of the Java runtime installed (at least version 1.4). You can download it and install it here for your os. You’ll also need to have a valid logon username and password for Redbrick.

Once you’ve downloaded it you should be able to run if from a console by typing:

java -jar HeyMsg.jar


java -cp HeyMsg.jar redbrick.prototype.HeyMessenger

Do you want the source? Then download HeyMsgPrototypeSrc.zip (24kb)
You’ll also need the MindBright SSH libaries which you can download from here.

If you have any comments, suggestions or encouragements you can leave a comment or more preferable post a message on the Redbrick Forums. Or if you like you can just hey me, my username is cammy :)

Update (3rd August 2006): Redbrick admins are currently experimenting/implementing a Jabber server that’ll hook into hey. If they pull it off, there will be no need of “HeyMessenger”.

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