rbFriends (beta 4)

rbFriends is a small utility to tell you who’s logged on to redbrick.

Screenshot of rbFriendsThis is a little app will tell you whos logged into redbrick and send alerts when your friends log in or out.

For more information check out the README.

Just download the rbFriendsBeta4.zip (611k) and use Java to run it.

To use this application you’ll need to have the latest version of the Java runtime installed (at least version 1.4). You can download it and install it here for your os.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you should extract it to some location locally. Then you should be able to run it from a console by typing:

java -jar rbFriends.jar

Download the source from here.

Screenshot of an rbFriends alert

Screenshot of an rbFriends using a different look and feel

Screenshot of an rbFriends with a transparent alert

With version Beta4, transparent alert dialogs have been added. This is an experimental feature.

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