SimUniversity was my final year project for Computer Apps in DCU.

Screenshot of SimUniversity in actionIt’s a simulation of a University using a mathamatical model and a simple GUI frontend. It was inspired by the line of Sim computer games.

It was devolped using Object Oriented Techniques (UML) in Java.

Just download the SimUniversity Jar File: SimUniversity.jar (261k) and use Java to run it.

If you dont’ have Java installed already you can download the Java Plugin from here.

Once you’ve downloaded it you should be able to run if from a console by typing:

java -jar SimUniversity.jar

It does require some sort of graphic windows os I’m afraid.

Or if your very lazy you can run SimUniversity as Applet from your browser (as long as it’s Java Enabled). I’ve tested it in Opera, Mozilla and IE and it seems to work okay..

You can grab the SimUniversity Source Code (242k) here.

I’ve also included the documenation with the project. Some of theses are now out of date but the User Guide might be very helpful.

Abstract Documentation (PDF 10k)
Installation and Configuration Guide (PDF 68k)
Technical Manual (PDF 191k)
User Guide (PDF 863k)

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