TamaOO is a Java Tamagothci!

Screenshot of TamaOO

I found it on my hard disk when I was cleaning out some of my archives. It was for an Object Oriented project to demostrate Object Orientation.

The basic idea is that you have a abstract class called Tama and a basic implementation, TamaNorm. Then from that two different implementations, TamaBoy and TamaGirl. Check out the Tama Design/Submission Documentation (PDF 150k) for a design diagram.

To use it, download Tama.jar (10k). If you dont’ have java installed then download and install the Java Plugin.

Once you’ve downloaded it and installed Java you can run it from a console (dos Prompt etc.) by

java -jar Tama.jar

It does require some sort of graphical windows-based OS I’m afraid.

Finally, you can also download the Source Code (12k) for the project.

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