2006 Theme: The Roaring Void

This WordPress 2.0 theme is the 2005/6 theme for my web site, screenshot of theme Unlike most other themes, this one doesn’t have a traditional sidebar or 3-4 columns. It is designed to be ultra simple and clean. The main content body sits exactly in the center of the screen and does not resize. The front page shows a random “message” which can be configured.

Download the Theme!

I wanted to drive visitors to the more interesting bits on my site, so the top menu does not contain all the pages or categories, but choice ones. Using this theme on my own webpage, I put the other top-level categories and pages on the “Other Stuff” page. Was it effective on getting people to visit the stuff I want? I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s time for me to change.

This theme has been tested with WordPress 2.0.4. I cannot guarantee that this theme will be compatible with other versions.


You can download it from here. Once downloaded, extract the contents. You should have a directory called tdo2006 with several files in it. Copy this directory and files to your wp-content/themes directory. You can then activate the theme from your admin panel.


You will have to customise the menu at the top. To do this, open header.php and edit the code to use the categories and pages you specifically want.

I’ve also included a number of additional category templates. If you want to use them to replace the default, just rename them to category.php. If you want to use them for a specific category, copy and rename to category-id.php where id is the id of the category. You can find the id in the manage categories page.

To add or change the random messages on the front page, just edit dark_messages.html


6th October 2006: Version 1.0

First release

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