AXS and WordPress Integration Plugin (2.1)

This is a plugin for WordPress to allow quick and easy integration with AXS.

This plugin is for WordPress 1.5 or better.

AXS is an excellent free script to track hits to your webpage and present them in usable graphs.

You must have AXS already installed before you can use this plugin.

Just download the zip, extract the axs.php file and place it in your wp-content/plugins and then in the wp-admin plugin interface active it.

You will then have a new panel in your “Options” section called “AXS Integration”. From this panel you can enable AXS Integration and configure the plugin.


Version 2.1: March 29

Fixed a small bug where the plugin was using old tracking code for AXS.

Version 2: March 29

Added the ability to automatically track offsite links in post’s content and comments. Renamed the downloadable zip file from to

Version 1: March 23

Initial Release

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