The Vampire David

This is a very early story of mine that I wrote while in Secondary School (that is circa 1997!) , so you will have to excuse the grammar and readability a bit. Saying it’s raw is an understatement, but I have fond memories of sharing it with friends. It is about an encounter with a vampire.

The young man sat down in front of me. He was dressed in black with thick dreadlocks sprouting out of his head. He smiled at me. I smiled back and went back to my book; Interview with the Vampire. It was night out as the bus jerked along and it was getting late. The yellow light in the bus gave a stark contrast with the outside like in here we are isolated and separate from the true nature of the night. I fancied I could see the moon, a yellow disc dwarfing all else in the sky but only for a brief moment. I felt the bus stop and realized my stop was next. A nauseating moment of panic came and went and minutes later I was off the bus. The city was alive, people moving everywhere, the car headlights on, the sky is never truly dark in the city, it reflects the light of the city, it’s life, it’s essence. People must always light the darkness and I wonder do we destroy something when we do, when we light the darkness.

I go to the small coffee-shop where we always meet. It’s always open late and there I get a cup of tea and relax at an empty chair, reading my book. Someone sits at the table beside me and I glance up; it is the young man from the bus. He smiles at me and then says ‘nice book’.

‘Yea’ I answer, fully intending to continue my reading and ignore him but he sits at my table, the chair swung around so the back is at the front. He smiles at me.

‘I am David'; black leather gloved hand outstretched. I accepted and answer ‘Matthew’. I hadn’t noticed how pale he was, but alas it is only white make-up; glossy and white.

‘Your a role-player, I can tell. Do you play that ‘Vampire’ game?’

‘Yes’, and again I attempt to read my book.

‘I like vampire-players, full of darkness, the true ones that is, full of darkness and madness and do you know, the greatest ones are the ones who are afraid to play?’


‘Do you believe?’


‘Do you believe in spirits and ghosts and psychic abilities,prophetic power of dreams, astral projection?’He was beginning to get my interest.

‘I believe in the possibilities, but as yet I have never experienced definite proof?’

‘Then tonight is your lucky night’.


‘Because you’ve meet your first Vampire.’I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. I believe in spirits and the powers of the mind but I know Vampires are just old stories about dead ghosts corrupted by the Catholic Church.

‘Your a vampire?’ He smiled.

‘You will believe’. He smiled again got up and left. I watched him go, not with supernatural speed into the night but with a leisurely pace. He seemed too human. I realized my jaw was hanging out. I did not know how to react, I nearly expected to find a hidden camera but alas no. Nothing else happened till my friends arrived. Lucas arrived first and I told him what happened and we discussed; could David be a vampire. He was more willing to believe then I saying that I could be rationalizing it away,the white make-up for example; perhaps his skin was really pale and? I held up and said I was there and you were not, it was make-up.I wasn’t willing to believe that he was a vampire and if he was what was his interest in me? Lucas said I wasn’t ‘open to extreme possibilities’.The rest of them arrived and we went off to our first destination; a small pub nearby.

They were all drinking different beers, Guinness, cider?I was drinking coke. I had been drunk once before and it was an enjoyable experience but really you can have a good time without drinking. My friends here weren’t all roleplayers, Lucas and Kern were but the others never got interested in it. Roleplaying seems to have got a weirdo image to it I think.

I sit here listening to their conversation, sometimes adding in a comment never taking a dominate role, just listening. Maybe I can’t really talk it seems so forceful and unnatural.

First pint finished, next port of call. We left and went to another pub.This one was a lot more busier, people’s talking like an incessant loud hum like a broken engine. The smoke filling my nostrils with every breath. We continued our conversation where we had left off. It reminded me of the ‘boys’ in a play ‘Philadelipha Here I Come’, we didn’t delude ourselves but we said things which seemed so familiar.

We aren’t really the disco types, well not really. I think they are a lot less adventurous then they think with their stories of this and that. They don’t know the? ectasy,it’s the only word I could think of? of dancing to that thumping track, letting the beat infect every fiber in your being not caring that anybody is paying in attention.It’s a freedom I know I lack, a freedom I always wanted but alas I never achieved in day to day life; only in brief moments when I was drunk, dancing maybe even sleeping. Someone behind me touched my shoulders and I turned around and it was the ‘Vampire’ David !That ponzy smile, and it definitly was white make-up but skillful done.

‘Hello gents’, he smiled and threw five tickets on to the table, ‘it’s ‘Vampire Night’ at ‘The Twilight Zone’ and there free tickets. Compliments of me.’

‘Eh thanks’. My friends looked puzzled, but Lucas started talking to him ! Now I felt really confused. David made some joke and then left saying he would see us there.

‘Lucas,that was him, David !’Lucas started laughing, and started to explain that David was a role-player. He said that he once played a game with him and he just takes things to extreme. I felt I was being a fool,made to look neive. They were looking at the tickets. The tickets were to a new nightclub over the bridge. It read that it starts at ten to late. Well, they were saying, we better not waste these. I had all but got up and left the group. I wasn’t speaking and nobody was noticing.

I kept thinking maybe there is something to David. The way Lucas just washed away the topic frightened me. Why? I don’t know,
as if? I don’t know what I’m thinking. Somebody, I think it was Kern, asked me what was wrong. I said I was fine, just thinking.

Well time passes and we left the pub to go to this club ‘The Twilight Zone’.It was a dark night, the sky actually seemed black not the reflection of the City, no red fuzz on the clouds. Just darkness, but the city was alive, full of people, the cars racing faster then in the daytime, people dressed up; women in really short skirts and knee high boots; men in swede jackets and sharp black hair and everywhere the lights; neon lights, street lights, window lights, car lights. The City glorifies light as if enlightenment brings peace of mind.

We arrive at this club. ‘The Twilight Zone’ was written in big letters in the style of the cult TV series logo. It was a big tall red brick building except the door led into a dark corridor from whence bright colorful lights escaped. There was a cue but our tickets got us in straight away. I was feeling a little apprehensive and a little excited as we walked down into the dark corridor.

We all amerged into a dance hall,the thumping music blaring through my ears and I felt alive.People were dancing in front of me. A man dressed up as a women was making jokes at Lucas. Then I noticed that the people were dressed up, not just in drag but in vampiric costume, white make-up, black capes and the music, I think, was the Cure. We grabbed a table and Kern went over to the bar to get some drinks.

David was there and he came over to us. ‘Where did you get those tickets?’ I asked.He smiled.

‘Me to know, Matthew, and you to find out’. We talked of Vampire games and I began to accept him even his forcefulness.Kern was talking a lot more as well. David had a magnetic charm, a powerful aura that demanded notice that I hadn’t really spotted before.

He said ‘come on get up and dance. The night is young.’ Somebody said it was full of girls,

I nearly laughed out loud, not at the joke but at the limiting?, the? the similarity between the boys from the play and them. I got up and I think John did too and we danced but my mind wandered as if I had no concentration and I was no longer dancing, I was walking and David was by my side..

No… I am dancing, my arms in jerks and my legs in spasms. The music seems dulled in my ears, like someone plugged them and I hear David’s voice as if through a dream ‘the greatest ones are the ones who are afraid’. I felt my heart beating so fast in my chest and I was afraid I didn’t know where John was or my friends were. But the dance floor emptied in front of me before I realized, I was in a secluded corner of the hall. I had stopped dancing unconsciously. David stood beside me, the music still dulled. A beautiful woman stood up from the seats there; she wore the classical costume; the big dress, the corset in fact it seemed so real that she could have stepped from the 1800’s into modern now. She raised her fan to her face and stepped forward towards me. She leaned forward as if to examine me. I knew David beside was smiling. I could see her breast, plump and round but pushed tight to her chest by the dress. I could smell that stuffy antique smell and she removed her fan and laughed aloud. ‘He will be great David. One of us,’ and she stepped out of my view and a young girl, about my own age, stepped forward. She wore tight leather and she had the most exquisite red hair down to her shoulders. She placed her arms around my neck and the music suddenly came on and I found my self kissing her. The music touched with womanly laughter. I felt a feeling, something akin to love, spreading through me as her red lips touched mine. She stopped and brought me, like a wolf leading a sheep, to a little enclave and we sat there, holding each other, reveling in the physical contact, in the beauty of the touch.

We had sex there, the first time and it was great but I had no control I was a zombie only alive in my body, there was no nagging doubts, no thoughts like unprotected sex? no, just pleasure and a feeling of fulfillment yes, fulfillment.

‘I have to go and do my make-up, my love. I’ll be back.’ She got up still holding my hand, her lipstick was running like blood down her mouth, I didn’t know make-up ran like that. I decided she’d probably be a while so I decided to find my friends.

I felt really happy and? satisfied, yes definitely satisfied. I walked into the press of people dancing until I felt someone grab me. ‘Matthew, Matthew, thank God I found you. They’re gone; Kern and John and Andrew have gone?disappeared. I can’t find them.’ I could hear his voice through all this music, it made me feel great.

‘I haven’t seen them Lucas. Just relax?’ I felt David’s strong presence behind me.People made way for him so that the three of us had a small space in the press of people.

‘They’ve gone outside Lucas. They needed some fresh air,’said David.he stepped towards Lucas.

‘No. their coats are gone from the cloakroom, the table we sat at is empty. God damn I’ve been outside.’ He stopped all of a sudden and starred at me; ‘What’s on your face?’

‘Probably lipstick?’ I answered.

‘Samantha?’ David asked. I was about to turn to him and say yes but Lucas shouted out at me ‘ NO! IT’S BLOOD !’

I reached up and touched my face, I felt David step by me,and I felt red liquid on my face.

I stood looking at my hands covered in blood. I looked up and I saw David holding Lucas, his teeth firmly gripping Lucas’ neck. Lucas was struggling but suddenly stopped, his eyes staring into space, his arms gone limp by his side.

David looked older,seemed years older then his physical presence as if he were an adult in a young body.

I was frozen in fear? in madness? Lucas lay dead in front of me. I felt a gloved hand reach into my pocket and pull something out, and I heard that womanly laughter and she was there, the woman in the classical costume with Samantha holding my book ‘Interview with the Vampire’.I couldn’t move and the people danced around me.And somewhere in the back of my mind a thought emerged, I am being controlled, help me, help me, and I turned slowly each step colossal in it’s undertaking and I felt hands grab me. Hundreds of hands lifting me, all the people dancing were lifting me up so that I lay on a sea of bodies and the music got louder, harder.

And David rose up in front of me, his two feet balanced on two or three dancing hands, and the dancing hands moved so that he drifted across to me, standing over me and he knelt down to me, each move immortal not adolescent and I kept thinking it’s a dream, a horrible vivid dream. I felt his red hot flush of blood flow into my mouth and the darkness enveloped me and I died.

And I know now why they light the Cities, why mankind is obsessed with light. And as I now walk through the night city the dark sky above, I see things in a new way. The light is everything and nothing and the dark is just the opposite. Light does not bring enlightenment only a peace of mind because what ever we believe it’s wrong.

David said to me that they are not constricted by social pressure ‘we do what we like, we are what we like’ and I laughed and I laughed. They had no longer power over me, no one had and there was no one left. Ah?an image of Lucas panicking, his hands going limp no more struggle. Is it real, was it real or just a dream, just a??

The fire is burning and the light is dying.


(note this a copy of the first draft only)

(a dream?)

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