Void Universe: Renegade RPG

This is my first attempt at putting together a complete RPG. It’s not really playable in it’s current state but many of the ideas have been refined and used elsewhere. In a sense it has evolved into, well, something completely different.

The Earth exists in the Void; the swirling empty/full potential that contains everything that was, will be or could be. The Earth is a glob of concentrated energy and life, solitary and small. Things born of the Void pick on it and its Shard Realms who desire its energy or life. The are drawn to it, they are powerful and they are insane.

A thin Veil that hides the true nature of the world from people’s eyes and protects the Earth.

The players get to take on characters that have come back from the dead and have been reformed in the “void”. They have been changed by the experience. Their minds have been broken. Yet they have gain powers and a new understanding into the world.

The world, the shard realms, the dimensions and the dream realms are opened up to them and they see what’s really in the shadows, Demons and Ghosts, Spirits and Monsters, Zombies and Travellers are all there, lurking in this gothic world. While outside, dark entities are pounding on the door, looking for a way in.

The Prelude Fiction is avaliable online and I’ve also thrown up some of my artwork for it.

The last version of Void Universe: Renegade RPG is version 0.6. There will be no more versions of Void Universe: Renegade RPG.

Download Void Universe: Renegade RPG Version 0.6 (approx. 440 kb pdf).

The rules are created using FUDGE (Freeform, Universal, DIY, Gaming Engine).


0.1 – 29th May 2002

Initial draft of ideas and fiction – no Rules System

0.2 – 14th June 2002

Added New Others: The Cursed, Familiars and Demons.
New Sections: Credits, Characters, Traits, Rules etc.
Removed Sections: The Systems, Some detailed notes on Renegades.
Rewrote Setting and Others
Several blank sections to be filled
Minor updates!

0.3 – 17th June 2002

Updated Cursed: Vampires, Spirit Rules, Derangements, Introduction
New Sections: Inspirations, Character Development, ?Serious Note? in Derangements
New Character Type: Scientist
Added sketch artwork
Minor updates!

0.4 – 22nd June 2002

Updated explanation of Dream Realms
Added Astral Plane
Added Dream Creatures, Dream People, Spirit People, Angels and Devils to the list of Inhabitants.
Rearranged sections
Character Creation
Rules (using FUDGE)
Character Sheet
Character Creation, Combat and Powers Cheat Sheets

0.5 – 28th June 2002

Requirements for usage of Magic/Powers (Sympathetic Link)
Fix to Character Sheet
Change of name to “Void Universe: Renegade” from just “Renegade”
Dublin Setting

0.6 – 16th July 2002

Much more detailed Character Creation
Updated and partially playtested Combat Rules
Rules on the different worlds
Added section Worlds
Sample Characters

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