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Seriousily, do you think I might be a terrorist?

I saw this story via slashdot. Members of the area Chinese community have rallied behind a Clements High School senior who was removed from the campus and sent to M.R. Wood Alternative Education Center after parents complained he’d created a computer game map of Clements. So this kid, creates a mod for some FPS (First […]

Tutorial How to Create New Skies for VtMR

This is a tutorial for creating new “skies” for the levels and maps for the computer game Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. It was originally written for ModHaven (when it was still around). Have a look at my “Akashic Records” level for a sample of a new sky in a level. Related Posts:Akashic Records (A VtM:R […]

Akashic Records (A VtM:R level)

This is a level for the, now truly dead, computer game Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption, based on White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade PnP (pen and paper) Roleplaying game. It is meant to be the “Akashic Records”; a mystical umbral realm, a storehouse of all knowledge. A place travelled to through dreams and spirit quests. I […]


TankStorm was my third year project for Computer Apps in DCU. It was devolped with Mark Greene. It is an Applet game where you control a tank and it’s turret and must battle to the end of the single level. Our examiners thought it was very good at the time (but that was a while […]