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Its been a while but its getting so close…

Sorry for the severe lack of updates in the last while. Life has been busy in a slow way. Its only a week or two to go before Strawberry is here! It’s both exciting and bloodly scary. While we wait heres some new stuff I’ve uploaded to my little site: MT-Close2 — a plugin for […]

My writing has won its first award!

Paradox, a short story (only 380 words) has come in the short list for a competition on Literary Agent.co.uk. You can try this link to see details of the competition but it’s not a permanent page. While obviousily not as dramatic as coming in the top 3, it’s the first short story I’ve written that […]

The Vampire David

This is a very early story of mine that I wrote while in Secondary School (that is circa 1997!) , so you will have to excuse the grammar and readability a bit. Saying it’s raw is an understatement, but I have fond memories of sharing it with friends. It is about an encounter with a vampire. […]